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Automatic Door Maintenance Agreements

Go doors realises that not all buildings and customers are alike, this is why we offer a wide range of auto door service and maintenance systems to suit our customers’ needs, from maintenance by request to our pro-active range of comprehensive auto door maintenance agreements. Please be advised that the Australian Standards 5007 does require maintenance inspections to be carried out by qualified technicians once every 4 months.

Service by request

Simply call or click to request a Go Doors pro-active auto door service. We will attend and carry out a full automatic door service and safety inspection on your automatic entrance and provide you with a comprehensive report, while also minimising the risk of a breakdown.

Select service

A pre-planned maintenance program with 3-4 services per annum depending on your requirements, Australian Standards 5007 calls for service and maintenance at intervals no longer than 4 months, therefore we would recommend 3 services per annum to keep your entrance compliant with the standards while covering your duty of care to your patrons entering your building.  We carry out a full service of the automatic entry including all required adjustments and lubricants and supply a comprehensive condition report accompanied by any recommendations to keep your door running at its optimum safety and performance level.

Once on a maintenance program you will be entitled to discount on all parts and labour provided throughout the term of your tailored agreement.

We have many major hospitals, shopping centres and buildings throughout Western Australia with multiple auto doors through to our clients with just one automatic door on tailored maintenance agreements which has considerably reduced their downtime and efficiency costs due to less unplanned breakdowns.

Ultimate service

The ultimate service plan provides all the advantages of the select service, plus also cover’s travel and labour charges for any unplanned service calls during business hours to your automatic entrance.
( subject to conditions )

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