With the increased awareness around the importance of automated access solutions for the disabled, fully automated disabled building entrances have become a standard feature in many new and recently renovated premises. Automated access also benefits parents of young children in prams; people with temporary illness or injury; older Australians; delivery people and shoppers with heavy bags or trolleys. Improving access also helps businesses and service providers to meet existing legal responsibilities under anti-discrimination laws.

We are a one-stop shop for automatic disabled doors and access solutions. Our team of experienced and friendly technicians are able to cut the electric strikes, fabricate structural reinforcing mounts and install the rubber ramp threshold plates. We are also qualified to install the GPOs, and we are highly trained and proficient when it comes to installing and programming the automatic door operators.

Go Doors has developed a comprehensive range of Go Disabled Door Systems to suit a wide range of disabled access requirements. From new residential automatic door entrances, to commercial automatic Unisex Accessible Toilets (UAT), we have the products and experience to meet all your disabled access needs.

Our Go Disabled Door Systems utilizes the premium RECORD automatic door mechanisms, in conjunction with our commercial grade of Go Disabled Accessories to provide effortless entry and exit for patrons.

Our Go Disabled Door systems can be used in conjunction with access control systems, actuation push buttons, microwave and infra-red devices, and intercom hardware. They are ideal for nursing homes, schools, offices, public toilets or residential properties, and can be installed on existing or planned entrances.

Please refer to our NDIS Assistive Technologies page for a comprehensive range of disabled entrance solutions, products and services.”

Go Doors is a registered NDIS provider, and our provider number is 4050051428

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