The well-proven double and single-leaf classic sliding doors from RECORD are at the very centre of the product range, and are suitable for almost any application.

Its versatility means it is perfect for providing an automatic opening in a wide range of environments, from busy shopping malls to residential entrances and healthcare facilities. It is compact and reliable with microprocessor technology allowing many additional programmed functions.

The modular drive and profile systems guarantee reliable and low-noise operation over long periods.

The perfectly designed doors with their elegant appearance can be expanded according to customer requirements with regard to security, performance and convenience. Depending on the requirements, narrow, standard or robust glass profiles are used for the glass doors, and all models can be equipped with escape route safety systems.

The STA20 has opening widths of 850mm to 4,000mm and can accommodate door weights of up to 1 x 200kg, or 2 x 175kg at 100% duty rating.

Using the RECORD system 20, the STA 20 which has been developed using modular construction principles. This allows the system to be adapted safety and efficiently to a wide range of conditions using the same precision-crafted components. This results in benefits for the customer of shorter installation times and reduced service and maintenance costs.

  • Features
    • Swiss Made Quality and reliability
    • NATA tested and approved to 1 million cycles at maximum door weights
    • World renowned for its whisper quiet operation and sleek profile height of only 108mm (LP) or 150mm.
    • The drive unit can be fitted to the lintel, be freestanding or integrated in the ceiling
    • Failsafe electric motor brake locking with battery backup
    • self-monitoring system with diagnostics
    • low noise, long life, replaceable track system
    • matching profiles for standard and telescopic units
    • C. (direct current) brush-less motor with monitoring electronics, inbuilt multi-point electronic locking, generator brake and integrated, beveled worm drive gearbox, in metal casing
    • A fully computerised 32-Bit processor incorporates BMS feedback, multiple programmable inputs, solid state switching of motor/gearbox and full memory backup of all settings in case of power failure.
    • Anti-shock dynamic braking, to provide smooth and effective braking, automatically set during calibration to suit size and weight of door leaf/s.
    • Safety reverse/stop with delay, in case of obstruction during either opening or closing cycle. Low speed, continuous retry after obstruction, prior to resuming normal operation.
    • Infinitely adjustable speed control, to 700mm per second in opening and closing cycle.
    • Adjustable hold open time, (variable in both summer and winter modes) to suit site requirement for time door is held open between open and close cycles.
    • Integrated selection for security, fire or smoke alarm interfacing and lock/door monitoring.
    • LED mode switch, with customer simple programming options, including standard settings for; Manual, Auto, reduced width, hold open, exit only or locking operation. A customer handbook is provided.
    • Inverter failsafe with Dual battery back-up for continuous operation in a power failure and in compliance with the BCA D2.19 and AS 5007-2007.
    • Track wheels that will last in excess of 10 years.
  • Benefits
    • modular construction enables the construction of a wide range of door models and applications
    • can be adapted to suit the widest range of conditions
    • shorter installation time and reduced service and maintenance costs.
    • meets all relevant national and international guidelines and Australian Standards
    • system learning capacity reduces the potential of the unit to malfunction
  • General Technical Specification


    Width of passage          800 – 4000 mm

    Height of passage          4000 mm

    Total height                   108/150/200 mm

    Door leaf weight           2 x 170 kg         1 x 150 kg

    Door leaf weight DUO/RED        2 x 175 kg         1 x 200 kg

    Power supply voltage    100 – 240 V AC  100 – 240 V AC

    Rated power     90 W


    Drive Dimensions

    Without side piece (depth x height)       157 x 108 / 150 or 160 x 200 mm

    Adjustable parameters

    Door movement           1.0 s / 0.7


    Operating conditions

    Ambient temperature   –15 °C to +50 °C

    Humidity range up to 85% rel. humidity, non-condensing

Technical specifications and information

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