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With 85 years of combined experience in the Go Doors team, there’s no brand or model we can’t repair or complete scheduled maintenance on. Our service capability includes the full range of Dormakaba automatic doors and manual transom closers. We stock a full range of parts and accessories for Dormakaba (otherwise known as Dorma) doors right here in Perth. Our emergency repairs and scheduled maintenance services covers the following models of Dormakaba doors and many other older, obsolete models.

Dormakaba automatic sliding doors we are able to service include:

  • Dorma EL300 automatic door
  • Dorma EL301 automatic door
  • Dorma HD 200 automatic door
  • Dorma ES 200 automatic door
  • AL 401 automatic door
  • AL 501 automatic door
  • BWN automatic doors
  • HD Horizon automatic doors (HD4, HD5)
  • Dorma SL 200

Dormakaba automatic swing doors we repair and service include:

  • Dorma ED 100
  • Dorma ED 250
  • Dorma ED 800

Go Doors takes it seriously when it comes to repairing your automatic Dormakaba door entrances. We understand that your automatic doors, gates and roller doors are crucial to maintaining your entrance requirements, safety and security needs. We strive for excellence and offer a complete 24 hour, 7 days a week automatic door repairs service. This is why our dedicated service and maintenance division is trusted by small and large building managers, hospitals, banks, hotels, airports and shopping centres to get the job done right in an efficient, safe and timely manner. For a brief overview of our current projects and customers, please refer to our emergency repairs and scheduled maintenance services pages. Also, feel free to click here to browse our range of other automatic doors we have on offer.

Our team at Go Doors are here to provide comprehensive servicing on Dormakaba and Dorma doors you may have at your Perth home or business. To arrange for a quote, please contact us on (08) 9126 9155, or send us your enquiry to

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